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A recent visitor to my website asked, “Why do you write? I see you have great experience and awareness but I’m curious about something I didn’t see. WHY do you write?”

My dream was to be a singer until I heard my voice, which led to dancing. Not. Two left feet!

Seriously…as long as I can remember I have loved to write. It was in my DNA. When I was 10, I’d go to work with my father―an editor for one of the local newspapers―on Saturday. I’d stand next to him as we watched the pressmen place the metal pieces of type on the linotype press. The huge cylinders would spin at lightning speed, transferring the ink to the large sheets of paper. I can still remember the smell of the ink and the sight of my father overseeing the “run” with that thick black charcoal pencil tucked behind his ear. (BTW: I still use those pencils!)

If that wasn’t enough, my mother wrote poetry.

I knew I wanted to be just like them. I wanted to be a writer. Writing became my passion. I wrote stories, poems and letters and kept journals. I would write on napkins, matchbook covers, little scraps of paper—whatever was nearby when an idea popped into my head.

Today, I’m the President and CEO of The Ys One Writing Service. In my 35 years, I have seen every facet of the writing world–as the featured guest writing expert on a weekly radio talk show, the recipient of numerous writing and editing awards and accolades and the coach and editor for several best-selling authors.

I also have built one of the most supportive online communities for writers where members daily experience “The Write Way.”

This year, I launched my coaching program, Write Your Best-Selling Book. It’s not your typical program. I’ll show you how to put all your fears and insecurities aside so you can turn your most important life experiences, knowledge and wisdom into a best-selling book.

So if you’re ready, let’s get writing!

The Ys One Writing Service

The Ys One Writing Service provides writing and editing services to individuals, businesses and government.

I focus on helping clients get their information out through clear, concise and compelling communications that will help improve their engagement and profitability.

I help you unleash the power of the written word to help you promote your product or service, make your life easier and your business better.

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“Mary is an excellent writer and seems to be very thorough in identifying what your need is. I would not hesitate to recommend Mary as she is a very poised, polished professional.”

—Lisa Cain
CEO, Legal Concierge, Inc.

“Mary is a creative writer who keeps the focus on her subject matter. Often I find writers can turn the focus into a showcase for their own talents, not so with Mary. She is creative and interesting and keeps her eye on the reason we came to read. I highly recommend her.”

—Trish Samson
Graphic & Web Designer/Developer

 “Mary Yamin-Garone,  a young cub reporter from Troy,  NY and the Troy Record newspaper, came to me more than 30 years ago, with a gift for communication by creative writing and editing of the written word. As the Chief Administrator of a small, but unique State Office, I needed to have my thoughts ideas translated into written words that would communicate clearly my plans for the future of this new, but vital agency of State Government. With strong recommendation behind her, Mary was my choice for that job.

Our agency’s job was fire protection. Our clients were fire fighters, both career and volunteer, thousands of university students from across the state, state workers and the general public. We trained them, we educated them and we protected them with codes and regulations and proper behaviors that would prevent destructive fires from killing and injuring them and destroying their valuable possessions.

Mary’s job with this new agency was daunting, but she dove into it with all the skills of a seasoned professional. She wrote articles, she edited technical training manuals, she published newsletters, prepared public education pamphlets for the general public, she drafted and edited politically sensitive letters and newspaper articles. She became the Public Information Officer for this small but critical Public Safety arm of State government, the State Office of Fire Prevention and Control.

 She proudly served me and the State of New York in that capacity for the 15 year balance of my tenure as the New York State Fire Administrator and she did so with the highest level of professionalism and distinction.

—Francis A. McGarry, New York State Fire Administrator

“When I created my first book,  the Campside Chef Pocket Guide, Mary’s help in the editing & writing process was invaluable to me. Mary was professional & patient throughout the entire process, which I greatly appreciated. The guidance & knowledge she imparted to me from my first book gave me the confidence needed to write & edit my second one. I highly recommend her!”                                                                                                                   —Ron Loeber   Owner/Creative Director  Campside Chef Business Venture


Mary [Yamin-Garone] is a creative, accurate, fast and detail-driven writer who has always met her deadlines for Construction Equipment Guide (CEG). She tells a story with an insight and experience that unfortunately has become rare in today’s predominantly online delivered content.
Though many of Mary’s stories have stood out in my mind over the more than 13 years she has written for me, one in particular still resonates strongly with me today: The day after 9/11 and the World Trade Center collapsed, I assigned her a story to find out preliminarily what caused the towers to fall. Within just a few days after interviewing several sources, she filed an article that asserted the WTC fell because of the pancaking of the melting structural steel caused by the fireproofing being blown off the columns. Few if any of the major media outlets had reported on this in the days following 9/11. Fast AND accurate reporting.
I highly recommend Mary’s work.

—Craig Mongeau, Editor in Chief, Construction Equipment Guide

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If you want to write a best-selling book, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s time to ignite your passion and make your dream of writing that book a reality.

I can help you:

  • Commit to doing the work necessary that will transform you from writer to author;
  • Let go of your fears of rejection and self-doubt;
  • Dig deep and remove the blocks, limits and barriers that are keeping you from writing your book; and
  • See yourself as a best-selling author.

Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call to discuss how we can explore what you’re most qualified to write; what you enjoy most as a writer; and what you want people to think–and feel–when they read your book.

Let’s get writing!

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